Why Costa Rica

Costa Rica has become one of the most popular travel destinations in Latin America. With its beautiful beaches, lush tropical rainforests and active volcanoes, Costa Rica offers sites and activities for every age of vacationer. Sport fishing, surfing, canopy tours and all forms of ecotourism are available to the active tourist. Sightseeing, whether it be waterfalls, volcanoes or viewing some of the largest crocodiles anywhere is popular among individuals of any age. Learning about Costa Rica is just the beginning to enjoying all the wonderful country has to offer.

Costa Rica is a country of approximately 4 million people, of which roughly 40,000 are Americans. About 45% of all Costa Ricans speak English as it is taught in the schools. It has a stable, democratic government for decades. The national currency is the Colon, which historically has a favorable exchange rate with the dollar. In fact many fishermen came to Costa Rica rather than fish in Florida or California because of the great value and fishing experience Costa Rica has to offer. Over 65 fishing records have been established in Costa Rican waters. Recently many travelers have chosen Costa Rica over Mexico for a variety of reasons; drinking water and safety being the most prominent.

The water in Costa Rica is safe to drink straight from the tap. Although many hotels and restaurants offer bottle water the local water is safe to drink and will not cause any nausea or other contaminated water symptoms. And with the fighting in Mexico between the Government and drug Cartels reaching all the way to Acapulco, including kidnappings, many Latin American travelers consider Costa Rica to be a much safer alternative. One fact not generally, known about Costa Rica is that it has never been hit by a hurricane. All Hurricane activity is North of Costa Rica making it the ideal vacation destination during the hurricane season that often disrupts travel to Mexico.


The house sits on the south end of Jaco Beach. It is one minute from the center of town great fishing is 400 yards away and great surfing is available right in front of the house. Make no mistake – this house is on Jaco Beach! Jaco is a town south-south west of San Jose, on the Pacific Ocean, that literally has something for everyone. Jaco became popular in the late 60’s with American surfers and still has the surfer feel, attitude, and mystique about it. From its surf shops, boutiques and outdoor restaurants to its proximity to Jaco Beach Jaco is a great little town to visit. A short 5 minute drive from Jaco is the Marriott Los Suenos Resort with its two golf courses and 200 slip marina. Fishermen from around the world book their fishing expeditions here and catch sailfish, marlin, tuna, and dorado on a regular basis.


Costa Rica’s coasts offer the world’s best deep sea fishing. Marlin, Sails, Dorado, Wahoo, and Tuna are some of the fish that can be taken year round. Many people have heard the fishing tales about battling with record size fish that call Costa Rican waters home. You need a professional team to lead your fishing trip for a successful day on the water. Los Suenos Resort Near Jaco Beach, has a first class Marina where you may find a large variety of fishing charters and accommodations for your fishing trip in Costa Rica. The charters offered in Los Suenos and Jaco Beach are top of the line and will help you enjoy the wonderful fishing this beautiful country has to offer.