Yoga , meditation , fitness and more …

Sometimes we just need to get away for some rest, relaxation and rejuvenation from all the stresses of daily life back home. If you are one of the many groups planning international wellness retreats this year or next you have found the perfect place. CASA RIO MAR is ready, willing and able to bring much peace and tranquility to your stay. Costa Rica is known for a healthy lifestyle with healthy people and is continuously voted the ‘Happiest Country on Earth’ in many International Travel reports and news stories.

Spend your vacation in the serene rainforests and national parks surrounding CASA RIO MAR. Let our private chef help you with your personal choices for the perfect healthy menu for your group. Our wellness retreat specialists are experts at accommodating the wide variety of wellness plans and programs most sought after in today’s hectic world. If you just want to unplug and get away, we can help with all of the planning of the perfect retreat beach experience – we make it happen.

CASA RIO MAR lends itself to the practice of yoga, a sense of tranquility and personal wellbeing in an atmosphere of love, peace and nature’s extremes.

We also have a spacious rooftop deck next to the swimming pool – all overlooking the majestic Pacific — the ideal spot for some serious yoga, meditation and other wellness practices you have in mind for your group.